Friday, March 2, 2012

Two things I saw on my way to work Saturday

  1. As I just got out of the apartment, on Saturday morning, I  saw security and a few others pondering what to do about a parking problem.  Near the building containing Casa K, there are four parking spaces into which to do drive-in or turn-into parking.  In this day and era of every Chinese person having a car, this is not enough parking.  So on the side of the lane, that runs along of Casa K and the parking spaces, there are lots and lots of cars parked.  Saturday morning, there was no place to park, so a driver decided to park his van in front of two cars occupying the drive-in spaces.  Security and the driver of the one the cars blocked by the van were conferring about what to do.
  2. Later while on the bus, all the passengers did a double-take.  I joined them in the head-nodding ritual as I saw an accident scene where a car and a truck with trailer were stopped, an E-bike was lying on its side, an E-biker's helmet was lying on the ground and a man was carried, on a stretcher, into an ambulance.  A body being carried on a stretcher was something I had never seen before at an accident scene in China.  The man must have been unconscious as his arms were not against his side, but spread outwards like he was Jesus being crucified.

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