Friday, March 30, 2012

I saw a camel on the way to work Saturday

Saturday morning, I had to send Tony off to school and so my usual Saturday morning routine was scuttled.

Previous Saturdays, I was able to wait at the bus stop till a bus came along with available seats, but not this Saturday.  I took the first one that came and I had to stand.

Standing on the bus, I got shoved and pushed and jostled and elbowed and kneed and had my feet stepped on and the backpack, that I carried on my back, tugged hither and thither.  It was not at all a pleasant experience!

But I did have the sensation of seeing a camel -- an animal not native to the Jiangsu province of China.  As I stood on the bus, I first saw these two trucks parked along the side of a road near a bus stop.  I could see from the crude photo-shopped imagery on their side that the trucks were being used by of some travelling circus troupe.  I remembered seeing such a troupe in my wife Jenny's hometown in the countryside.  It was when the bus pulled away from the stop that I saw the camel standing, leashed to a spike that had been hammered into the ground.

Never, I had I seen a camel before on the side of a road.  I had previously seen them in a Zoo.  But I had something to make a blog entry about!

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Anonymous said...

I saw a Camel too!
Mine was on the beach of Donghai Island in Guangdong Province. I was 'minding my own business' when a young man and lady came along riding upon the back of a Camel down by the seashore! The man could tell I was [not from there] and he greeted me with Hell~o! Where are you from? I yelled back, Detroit, Michigan in the United States! This is the truth Andis...He yelled back...Oh! YOU have an Excellent Hockey Team! The Red Wings! I said Yes! & Thank You! Then I yelled back up to the back of this very tall Camel...Where are you from? Your English is Very Good! He said...wait for it... Vancouver, Canada! Then of course I said...Oh! YOU have an Excellent Hockey Team TOO! The Canucks are Awesome!
Then I say, Is this woman your wife? He says, No, My Cousin, I am visiting Family here! I say OMG! she is VERY Beautiful! He tells her and they both laugh! and Thank Me and off they rode into the sunset on the back of that Camel!
I'm sorry, picture not included :(

~the end~

Mr Ron