Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts and Links

  • Doesn't anything happen in Wuxi?  If you look at the websites that cater to Wuxi Expats, you would think nothing did.  And it is probably true.  People get drunk and play the field, but that isn't world shaking stuff.  That is why I write the Wuxi China Expatdom Blog.  I need a world full of interesting characters and incredible events.  I couldn't sustain a blog writing about what actually happens to me in the real Wuxi.
  • Religion or Alcoholism?  That is the metaphysical choice some people think they are stuck with.  I should side with the Chinese, or at least the students at school, who when asked a question involving two hard choices, try to opt out by choosing a third or accepting both options:  a little bit of religion and a little bit of drink.
  • The beer prices in Wuxi Expat pubs are frightfully expensive, or so I have heard.  Some of them charge more for one beer than I pay for for a case of 12 tall bottles of Tsingtao at the small shop near Casa K.
  • The Bus Stops of Wuxi, China:  Number 7 and Number 8 of the series.
  • The Taihu Regatta is happening on March 17.

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