Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to work?

  • Back to workie?  Or should I say back to shirkie? 
  • I think I should say back to workie!
  • Humidity.  That is still the central fact of my life these days.  I can't hardly wait till September.
  • Back to work.  What fresh horrors await me? 
  • Actually not many.  We are busy which is good.
  • Should I weigh in on the U.S. debt crisis? 
  • What the hell!  The way it is going, the U.S. will default.  It would be only a question of when.  Most of the federal politicians in the U.S. don't seem to want to do what has to be done to reign in the debt and make tough choices about spending.  They raise the prospect of taxing the rich more and closing tax loopholes as a way out of the mess.  The spending cuts they promise won't take effect for five to ten years.  Anyone who points this out to them is called ideological and racist.  I am afraid the end result will be a kicking of a can down the road.  At least, a debate is being had.  The only politicians looking good in this are the "intransigent" tea partiers.
  • Several Chinese I talked to were at all aware of what happened in Norway.
  • They were aware of the high speed rail track.  There is such track a fifteen minutes scooter ride from Casa K.

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