Monday, July 11, 2011

AKIC Notes from mid-July 2011

  • Monday, the K family went to have Hot Pot at the Little Sheep Hot Pot Restaurant on Zhongshan Road.  Out the window, they could see ongoing subway construction.  Andis was particularly fascinated by a crane which was pulling up and out dirt from deep below the surface -- the dirt, which was hard packed, was loaded into a dump truck which would most assuredly race somewhere else in Wuxi to be dumped as quickly as possible.
  • Andis and Tony were wandering at a open-air vegetable market near Nanchang Temple Market.  What a tumult, thought Andis, as he watched all the people.
  • Rainy Season in Wuxi.  It rains everyday and often quite heavily.
  • Andis saw that Susan Boyle on Chinese television.  She made an appearance on a Chinese star search show, singing two songs.  Andis's wife Jenny couldn't see what the big deal about her was.  Andis couldn't explain it to her.
  • Andis is really wondering about the U.S. presidential candidacy of Jon Huntsman.  What is the point of it?  Huntsman seems to be a RINO Squish. But after the nomination of John McCain in 2008, Andis fears that there is a possibility the Huntsman could be very competitive in the primary process. 
  • Will the anti-Romney squishes coalesce around Huntsman?  I hope not.
  • Andis seems to always wait for a podcast download to finish so he can turn the computer off and be out the apartment on his way to something.  This situations always involve 25 minute downloads that would make life easier if they were only 15.
  • Andis and Jenny have to hide the Ipad from Tony.
  • A Taiwanese restaurant featuring an impressive photo of downtown Taipei has opened in the apartment complex.  The K family has eaten there once and now will phone them to deliver food to Casa K.
  • Andis gives up his seat to a woman and baby.  This earns admiration from onlookers who then yield their seat to Andis.

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