Monday, April 12, 2010

Tony makes history Monday Evening

Tony asking for  a cookie becomes Moment for the Ages
You can talk about Lincoln freeing the slaves, Alex the Great doing all that conquering, Napoleon going to Moscow, and whatever it was that Genghis whats-his-name-did-with-his-hordes.  I don't give a tinker's tuss!  You may, but that just goes to show ya!   Tony did something much more important last night.
He asked his mother for a cookie which Jenny, in all her wonderful loving kindness, gave to him.  And then he said something..... 
Sickos may ask if he said ******! or @@@@@!  or %&&&&#&#!   He didn't. 
Australians may think he said "@@@@@&@##@#@#@## ##$$%$%#%!"  He didn't say that either.
What Tony did say, to his mom, when he received the cookie was "Xie Xie!" which is Chinese for "Thank You!".  What a good little boy! 
And what a simple way to make history.  The small things in life can be the biggest milestones.  Manners are never a thing to be taken for granted.

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