Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Supposings

Pink SPC
The students expressed genuine hostility to all that is pink in my Saturday English Corner.
How much hostility did they exhibit?  It was nasty.  I could only compare it to  Anti-Americanism I have seen from Expats.  It laid me back on the floor, as the expression goes, I think.  And I was laid back in shock....
...Not!  What really happened was that most students said they wouldn't wear pink.  One woman admitted to having some pink dresses and shoes that she wore in the summer.
Tarzan's Secret Treasure
Saturday night, I was really getting into the DVD of that movie, which I had purchased at Nanchang Market for 2 rmb, until Tony decided to take out the Tarzan out of the player and replace it with The Simpsons.
It isn't worth the trouble to try and stop him.
Still, the interaction between the Monkey and the Elephant, in TST, was amazing -- I don't understand why Tony couldn't appreciate it.
Ballerina Dress and Boxing Boots
Saturday, one of the girls at school was wearing a black sweater, black tights, a black frilly short skirt, and white boxing boots -- an amazing a getup as I have seen in a while.
Butter makes rice taste better
Butter or Margarine with local Wuxi Rice -- that's the ticket!   However, what can you add to Baijoe (White Lightning) to make it palatable?  Peach Juice?
Reading Glasses!?!
Hell no!  My new glasses are really eating glasses.  At supper tonight, I put them on because the food was getting blurry.
What am I trying to say?
What is it that I am trying to say with this blog?
  • I am a guy, living in the People's Republic of China, who has a Chinese wife and son. 
  • Life is amusing. 
  • Tony, like all children, is troublesome and wonderful.
  • Leftists suck and would be very amusing if none of what they preached was put into practice.  Unfortunately, their wrong ideas are being implemented and so they are dangerous -- and I can't help but have a black sense of humour.
  • Anti-Americanism is akin to Anti-Semitism
  • The Chinese people are generally okay, but they drive dangerously.
  • The small details are the most fascinating and the most important.
  • It is better to be sensible than to be cool.
  • It is better to be enthusiastic than to be cool.
  • There is something wrong with people who try to put on cool airs.
  • Being a parent is not a lifestyle choice but a calling, a duty, and something people should do unquestionably like breath and use the bathroom.
  • I am not an atheist or an agnostic.
  • I am ridiculous.
  • Being a woman is terrible because the only other sex there is is Men.
  • My wife has more common sense in her pinkie than I have in my whole body and wardrobe.
  • Being here is like watching a car accident in progress.
  • Being here, you have sacrifice some integrity.
  • The truth will set you free, in ways that are inconvenient but must be endured.
  • Family trumps everything -- even my selfish whims.
  • I am annoying but there is nothing to be done about -- to not be annoying is to be a coward.
What am I trying to do?
What am I trying to do with this blog?

  • To annoy some and please others.
  • To provide my version of living in Wuxi.
  • To keep my parents informed.
  • To assuage my guilt.
  • To keep myself busy.
  • To see what happens.
  • To be puckish.
  • To eliminate my delusions.

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