Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday, sort of.

Who is Xi Shi?
She is one of the four legendary Chinese beauties.  Asking the students, they told me she was a spy-like figure, seemingly akin to a Mata Hari though I will have to research this -- that and finding out who the three other legendary Chinese beauties are.

Tomb Sweeping Holiday to give Chinese a Long Weekend
Many of the students tell me that they have  done their Tomb Sweeping observances on previous weekends.  I assume they did this to avoid the rush of Monday, April 5 which is the official day for the holiday.  So, they will enjoy a long weekend, which was a rare occurrence before the implementation of the new holiday system which has more and shorter holidays.

Tony raring to get to it
I took Tony to preschool this morning.  He threw off his hat and was trying to take off his jacket as soon as he arrived at the preschool -- so eager was he to get to play.

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