Sunday, July 22, 2012

My father's 80th Birthday.

My father was born 80 years ago on July 23, 1932 

Alas, Arnis Kaulins didn't quite make it to celebrate this milestone, having died on May 28th.

It tears me up that I can't be sending him birthday wishes and that he didn't linger longer than the Doctors said he would in late May.

I am trying to honor  his memory in my own way with a page dedicated to him on one of my blogs.  In one way, doing this is good because it makes me feel how much gratitude I have to my father for all he did for me.  It also fills me with regret that I was so far away from him for the later years of his life.  Looking at the old photos on my Arnis Kaulins page, I now realize that there were so many things I should have asked him.

I hope he is up there somewhere and I will be able to interview him.

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