Sunday, July 1, 2012

35 Degrees. I forgot it was Canada Day.

 Hot, Hot, Hot!

It was very hot on the weekend in Wuxi.  So much so that the locals told me they hated it.  And I forgot it was Canada day till  just now.  

Canada Day!  Oops

Of course, I really can't blame the last thing on the heat.  It just slipped my mind as I had so many other things to think about (Dad's death and trouble at work.)  Plus I don't work with any Canadians in Wuxi. (Are there any Canadians in Wuxi? And if there are, are they the sort worth meeting?  Alas, probably most of them aren't anything like Conrad Black.)

Not that I was going to celebrate Canada Day anyway!

Euro 2012

I saw video of some Balotelli fellow scoring two goals against Germany in the semi final.  Two reactions I had.  One:  he was black!   What was a black fellow doing playing for Italy?  (He is of Ghanaian heritage.  He was  raised as a foster child by an Italian couple: the Balotellis.)  Two:  the pose he made, after he scored his second goal and took his his shirt off, was quite something. (I asked some middle school students if they never took off their shirts and made a pose after getting a good mark on a test.)

Joyce and Tolkien

With my Ipod touch, I often forget I am in China.  What with a plethora of podcasts to listen to (few having anything to do with China), my thoughts are transported elsewhere.  I read an article linked from the A&L Daily about James Joyce on the Ipod last night.  The next morning, I listened to an EWTN podcast about Tolkien, Catholicism and the Lord of the Rings.  I love both of these authors' masterworks:  Ulysses and TLOR.  Though the authors have completely opposite takes on Catholicism, both their works celebrate the little man.  

And I was all pumped to write a masterwork of mine own!

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