Monday, July 2, 2012

Besides getting a haircut on Monday I....

Gave a Wuxi Local the Finger

I was walking towards the bus stop, near Casa K, with Tony and Jenny.  I didn't like the way this one local, who was walking from the bus stop past me, stared at me; so,  I glared back at him fiercely.  It just seemed to me like the guy didn't like the fact that I had a Chinese wife.  I kept staring at him as he walked past.  When he was at the point where his back was to me, he turned his head to look back at me.  I then gave him the middle finger.  He was taken aback and said something to a male who was accompanying him.  He then gave me a limp middle finger in return.  He continued walking away from me and kept looking back at me all the while.  I made a point of making him know I was staring at him.  Eventually, he got to a corner, about 100 meters from the bus stop, and made a turn out of view.

I suppose he will be telling his mates about the laowei who gave him the finger.

Watched About Seventy Minutes of the Euro 2012 Final

The Final started about 245 a.m. Monday morning, Wuxi time.   I stayed up for it and I can recall watching the match to about the 70th minute.  Spain was just so quick and skilled on their attacks on the Italian goal that I had to wonder how they hadn't score any goals against Portugal.  As it was, I saw them score two goals.  Italy's trips into Spain's half of the field were slow and prodding.  I fell asleep before Spain scored their third and fourth goals.   When I awoke, the broadcast of the match had completed and I had to check my Ipod to get the final score.

Swore Like a Sailor at the Xinhua Book Store

I took Tony to the Xinhua Book Store at the corners of Renmin and Jian Kang Roads.  Tony wanted to tell me where we were to go.  He wanted to look at toys.  I wanted to look at the foreign language book section.  When I did try to get to the foreign section, Tony protested vehemently annoying me to no end.  I wanted to slap him but instead I swore at him.  "You fucking little selfish shit!" I screamed, "Can't you wait but five minutes!"  My screaming and swearing very much got the attention of onlookers. One of them, a older man*, who worked at the store, tried to come over and be all friendly to me.  I glared at him** and he retreated, and I swore at Tony again.  "You fucking little shit!"  I saw a couple teenage girls laugh at me.

*I actually had a friendly conversation with that gentleman, and he was a gentleman, some time in the past.  Recollection of that kept me from saying anything rude to him.  I hate it when Chinese onlookers staring at me or trying to get involved while I am arguing with my son.

**I glared at the gentleman through the fog of my steamed glasses.  I don't know if the glasses were fogged because of my anger or because of the high Wuxi summer humidity.

Started to Read TLOR

I started reading my paperback copy containing all three books of the Lord of the Rings.

Came to a Realization

Reading about acting virtuously and then having a warm fuzzy feeling about the existence of God isn't going to stop me from becoming enraged by life.  I got to do much more.  I got to get involved with people having the same problems and inclinations as me. And I am not going to find these kind of people in Wuxi.


Anonymous said...

From a previous posting of yours:

she told me to quiet Tony, "that kid of yours!", down because people were trying to sleep.

You went on a rant when somebody asked you to keep your child quiet so they wouldn't be disturbed for 13 straight hours. You made fun of the woman, basically ignored the request, and allowed Tony to act like a child so out of control, the stewardess thought he was mentally and/or physically sick.

But it was fine for you to go into a public area of business and curse Tony out because you were bothered. You even wanted to resort to physical violence (Hey, is that the way you were raised?) Of course the store owner came rushing forward - do you think anybody wants to stand by idly while an old, old man loses control and curses and acts like a lunatic?

You now have a haircut that officially says "I Am Gay" and a son who doesn't look a bit like you. Nor can you even be coaxed into being a role model unless it is to make someone think you're straight. I don't think the people of Wuxi are staring at you because you are a foreigner, they're staring at you because you are an unfit person to be taking care of a little boy and you look gay. If you won't send your son to a doctor to see what's wrong with him, why not take yourself to one because one day you're going to really lose it and I hate to think who is going to get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry buddy - I don't mean to come down hard on you but Anon seems to have hit all the fine points. In your blog, you constantly contradict yourself. Examples? It is OK for you to curse out or even push a child until they cry. Would you like that if they tried that on Tony? You object to people smoking, but you do. You can't go five sentences without saying, "my wife" (if somebody asks you what time it is, do you have to ask your wife?) And as far as your being gay - well, the haircut does make you look like you're one of the Village People. Come on Andis, no straight guy wears a muscle shirt and has his hair cropped like that! Get real or, as anon says, see a doctor and get your head straightened.