Friday, May 25, 2012

We have arrived in Brandon!

  • The Kaulins Clan China is now in the booming Southwestern Manitoba metropolis of Brandon where temperatures are unseasonably low.  It was nine degrees celsius when we arrived on Thursday afternoon and dipped down to four degrees in the evening.  Having experienced temperatures of 30 degrees in Wuxi and Shanghai, we weren't prepared for it.  I had been checking the temperatures of Brandon on the Internet and it seemed that Wuxi and Brandon's temperatures had been the same.  It was a good thing I phoned my Mom before we left and heard about the low evening temps.  I did then bring along another sweatshirt which has kept me warm.  Still, I didn't bring enough.
  • The change in temperatures in Brandon, my Mom tells me, have been very drastic.
  • We went immediately to see my father who is in the Brandon General Hospital.  As expected, it was emotional for me.  Dad, at least, seems very alert and wants me to bring his laptop to the hospital.
  • What to do about Tony on the flight back to Shanghai.  I have been told to give him gravol.  It appears that the only thing that can be done is to drug him.

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