Monday, May 14, 2012

Podcasts, Canada, Toaster, Manchester City Highlights

  • I have discovered another podcast worth downloading all the time.  It is the World of Words, a podcast about language.  I first heard about it on National Review's blog the Corner and then in the latest episode of the China History Podcast.
  • By the way, the China History Podcast is now discussing the Cultural Revolution.  As always the podcast is very informative but the host Laslzo Montgomery made a curious comment comparing the investigation of the Kennedy Assassination to the deification of Lei Feng by the Chinese Communists.  I felt compelled to send him an email about it.
  • In less than a week, I will be in Canada.  I should start packing.  My wife has been buying gifts, mostly food, for the relatives.  I thought about buying gifts, but thanks to my natural cheapness and my wife's controlling of the money supply, I didn't.  As I thought about it,  I wondered what souvenirs I could buy.  Wuxi doesn't sell much Wuxi stuff that I would consider bringing back to Canada.  And with so much being made in China, what can one bring back?
  • We just bought a toaster.  It was over a year ago that the last toaster we had conked out.  So for a year, I didn't have toast.  So, it is good to be back in civilization even though I burnt the bread on my first toasting attempt and Jenny is mad at me for doing so!
  • I was watching the highlights of the amazing Man City comeback against the Queens Park Rangers on youku. (The first link is with  English commentary.  Here is a link with Spanish or Brazilian commentary.   Compare.  The second link is quite amazing, especially when the announcers break into song!  Nah Na Na Nah!  Nah Na Na Nah!  Hey Hey Hey!  Quena Viero?!?)

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