Friday, May 11, 2012

Trifling Observations

  • In less than two weeks I will in Canada -- only the second time in Eight years.
  • This trip will be modest in its ambitions.  I am only looking to buy shoes.  I expect to be spending a lot of time hanging out at 2121 Queens Avenue in Brandon, Manitoba.
  • Monday, I did some classes at a primary school.  It was a pleasant enough experience.  But one student insisted that doing homework was a hobby.
  • On an epub that I downloaded onto my Ipod Trouch, I found this quote from Ambrose Bierce:  "Before praising the wisdom of the man who knows how to hold his tongue ascertain if he know how to hold his pen."  It applies to me, in a way.  You have been warned!
  • Z Visa holders have to pay into a pension in China.  Ouch!
  • The students say Americans are straight-talkers and lovers of freedom.

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