Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trattoria Ferrara Grand Opening on April 29! Be there or be forever irredeemable. Danger.

  • I am talking about the Italian Restaurant that is near our school.  TF is my supplier of pizza here in Wuxi, China.  Its opening, so near my school, is proof that there is a God!
  • Their grand opening on April 29 should be perhaps the greatest event in the history for Wuxi Expats.
  • If you can't attend this event, you will not only be missing on Wuxi Expat history, you will also be saying things about yourself as a person; like you are not a man or you are not a woman or you are a nobody on a slow train going to a Popsicle stand in Palookaville one way.  In essence, you will be irredeemable or to change that adjective into a noun: an irredeembile.
  • So you must attend.
  • Personally, I have broached the topic of attending the grand opening to my wife.  I hope she gives me permission to go, or better yet accompanies me there, along with my son Tony.  I will have a hard time getting her to believe that the fate of my soul is in the balance.  But I hope I can make it.

  • What is Dangerous?  I asked the students and I got some strange answers.  They seemed to think that danger was anything that was disagreeable.  I tried to emphasize the idea that danger involved exposure to actual physical harm.  But they said mundane things, like exams and the possibility of feeling sad, were dangerous.

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