Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going to Beixin

  • I am going to Beixin, my wife's hometown on Monday and Tuesday.  Exciting!
  • I am listening to a This American Life podcast.  This fellow brags of stopping couples from getting married.  I can't help but think this guy is a short-sighted moron.  He clearly doesn't understand it and its necessity for human civilization
  • I can post photos to my blogs using my Ipod Touch which is quite a wonderful thing.  I can also use the device to send photos to my father in Brandon.  I can provide my Dad with up-to-the-minute photos of his grandson Tony.
  • The quarterfinal match-ups in the NHL playoffs have been set.  All Northeastern teams in the East:  Flyers, Rangers, Devils and Capitals.  It is more far flung in the West with the Kings, Predators, Coyotes and Blues competing.  I would love to see the Rangers in the final against the Blues.
  • Girls are strong; Boys are angels.  A student told me that this was the Chinese belief about them.

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