Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Playground Hell

Businesses that cater to kids, I have heard, are more likely places to see fights that Biker Bars.  I say this because I  can remember reading or hearing news about how the police, in one place in the U.S., had to make many visits to a Chuckie Cheese to break up fights and while a nearby biker bar never once called them in.

The K family went downtown on Tuesday so the wife could do some bank transactions.  While she was at the bank, I took Tony to the playground for which we have purchased a membership card.  To my dismay, I saw the place was crowded and realized that the Spring Festival holiday was still ongoing for many schools.

Tony was excited but he quickly got into some disagreements with other kids because he wanted to drive about in this mini toy car.  One time when he had the car, he made the mistake of walking away from it for an instance and another kid quickly jumped into the car and rode off it in.  Tony was upset, but to be fair to the other kid, Tony snoozed and lost accordingly.  Still, he tried to pull the other kid out of the car, and then as the other kid drove the car about, Tony held and pulled onto the car, so that a there were a few times he fell flat on his face like an American Football tackler unable to catch a fullback sprinting to the end zone.  One time, Tony did succeed in pushing the car, with the kid in it, on its side.  I intervened when Tony then got on top of car and was about to stomp on the other kid.  Tony's vehemence was such that the parent of the other kid let Tony have the car back.  Tony then left the car unattended again and had the same result.  This time, the kid was small and slight, and Tony forced her out of the car with ease, although this kid did at least slap back at Tony.  I told Tony to stop being a "greedy little shit!"

And I got annoyed at some other kids as well.  It is not unusual for me to hear kids say "Waiguoren! (foreigner)" when they see me.  But today at the playground, these kids chanted at me in a manner that I thought was practically racist.  The kids chanted, stuck their tongues out at me, and made faces.  I tried, but I couldn't ignore it.  My thoughts could be summed up the expletive f***!  I was fuming.  So, I found a plastic ball**, from the pool of balls, and nailed the ringleader of kids taunting me in the head with it.  He grimaced but they left me alone after that.   That little shit deserved it!***

Sometimes, you got to whack kids.  There is no other way about it.

**These balls are not hard which is why I threw it at the boy.  I throw them at Tony all the time with as much force.  When Tony gets hit with them, he smiles.  

***Jenny says the kids just wanted me to notice them, and that my reaction was childish.  I won't debate the manner with her, but why can't they get some Chinese strangers to notice them?

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