Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It was cool Tuesday morning

  • Walking outside, I was wearing a sweat top and a t-shirt.   Last week, I would have sweated in this clothing; this week, I am almost freezing.
  • I was trying to watch video of Super Bowl 3: the game where Namath made himself legendary by brashly predicting victory for his team.
  • I talked to my father Tuesday morning.  He is a hospital in Brandon, Manitoba.  He seemed okay.  His spirits were better than I expected.  However, his memory wasn't all there.  I put this idea in his head to phone Mom who was in another room in the hospital, and he hung up on me.
  • Showing Tony the Microsoft Train Simulator program was a big mistake.  Just before I put him in the van that was to take him to school, we had this argument about watching the diesel or steam engines.  I wanted to use the diesel engines because they were easy to run -- Tony, not knowing this, insisted, and I mean, insisted that I play with the difficult-to-use steam engines.
  • I found a great podcast about Chinese history.
  • Tony on a bicycle
  • Tony wants his Daddy.
  • Tony rides his bicycle.
  • What's happening in the Wuxi China Expatdom?

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