Sunday, October 16, 2011

Encounters and other jottings

  • Monday is my Saturday.  Ha Ha!  I know some people whose Saturday is Wednesday.  I know another guy who goes to church on what is his Saturday, but is Sunday to the proles.  But like you, whatever day is your Saturday, I don't wear pants if I can help it.  Unless I go to church.
  • I boarded a bus yesterday and found a place to stand.  I then looked at the video screen and saw my smirking visage.  I had to turn away.
  • I was at McDonald's on Sunday morning eating breakfast.  I saw someone I knew take a seat down from where I was sitting but close to the service counter.  This person, who I used to see all the time, didn't notice me, thankfully. (Or perhaps he did, but was doing the same thing I was:  pretending to be blind)  My instinct was to shirk the encounter.  Like the star of the t.v. show Curb Your Enthusiasm, I hate stop-and-chats. One has to summon friendliness that has been figuratively packed in the bottom of one's backpack, only to be pulled out at an appointed time. I hate pass-and-greets as well, but that's another story that would take away from the smoothness of this narrative.  So, then finishing my breakfast quickly, I exited the restaurant going a different way from what I normally would take to avoid the encounter.
  • Being friendly takes supreme effort on my part, and I save the energy I have budgeted for friendliness on paying customers.  Of course, if you have something interesting to say, and aren't a Left Wing Drone, I will be friendly to you, no problem.
  • Cards and Rangers in the Baseball World Series.  I suppose I will cheer for the Rangers because they are from Texas.  You listen to Leftists and you would think Texas was the Soviet Union circa 1937 or China circa 1959.  It is actually a grand place to be if you have ambition.  Not so good if you a murderer though, but you can't please everybody.
  • The Winnipeg Jets have begun their rebirth with three straight losses.  They have are the only team, as I enter this entry, to not have earned a point in the NHL standings.  I don't know what to say about this.  There is any philosophical point to be made.
  • I was hopeing to get to the Wuxi Computer Market (Mengzhidao) on Renmin Road to get an English version of Windows 7 for my new DELL Laptop.  The Missus, however, is sleeping in, like today is her Saturday.

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