Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Off to Canada!

Leaving June 10
We take a bus, early Thursday morning, that will takes us from the Wuxi Bus station to the Shanghai Pudong Airport to catch a China Eastern flight to Vancouver. 
The Good
T.P. was 10.5 rmb.  I only had a tenner.  The storekeepers told me they knew (renshi) my wife, and not to worry about it.
The Bad
The wife wants to get a car because she never gets a seat on the bus, even when she carries Tony.  I, being the foreigner, always have a seat yielded to me when I carry Tony.
The Wonderful
Walking with Tony on Tuesday night, the neighbour seeing us, gave me a cigarette.
I must remember to reciprocate.
Sort of.  
Are there any adult Wuxi Expats?
I ask this after reading an article, expressing an observation, I have had, that actors and actresses in Old Hollywood movies look like adults, while adult-aged actors, these days, look like teenagers.
Thinking of James Dean, I recall how I thought it strange that he played a teenager in his films, because he looked like an adult.  These days, if he was his death age, he would most certainly be cast as a thirty or forty year old.
World Cup
Going to Canada, I can watch World Cup matches at a decent hour.  I think.
He strongly expresses the opinions of the other side.  But most of what he says is easily put aside -- Keynesian nonsense.  
I now know someone who has seen an Ipad.
What I want to get while in Canada
  • Books:  Flannery O'Connor, Evelyn Waugh, JR Tolkien, Heinlein, and Dune.
  • Poetry
  • Shoes
  • Smarties
  • Some Crown Royal and Coke.
Is Tony excited about going to Canada? 
Tony has no idea he is going on a trip.

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