Sunday, October 5, 2014

Things AKIC Did in September 2014

  • I had access to another person's We-Chat account and so I made some goofy postings to the Moments section: here We-Chaters can make postings for all their contacts to see. One I did caused a lot of reaction. Hoping for another Moments coup, I told the person to pose for a photo holding his nipples. I posted the photo and also wrote the following in Moments: What is the Sam Hill is going on with my nipples? They are tender and chaffed this morning. Alas, there was much reaction His girlfriend later deleted the post. She said it wasn't very professional.

  • There was a song played at the end of a Radio Free Delingpole podcast episode that was catchy and not familiar to me, and for the life of me, I couldn't find the song's name and artist. But I then used a Siri feature on Ios 8 which I had just downloaded. I re-downloaded the podcast episode onto my Ipod and then played it for Siri on My Ipad. Siri identified the song in about five seconds and I was able to download the song from Baidu.

  • I have realized that people take what is said on Social Apps very seriously. And I have a great idea for a movie. The promo goes like this: They didn't take social apps seriously and now they're paying the price....

  • I got Tony to do some homework. I then did some arithmetic problems with him. I ask him what twenty plus twenty is, he doesn't understand. I ask him what 二十几二十 is, he understands and says 四十。

  • I shot another commercial, that will be shown on the Wuxi Metro video screens, for my school. In it, I tell the pretty co-star that I am getting ready to do some backpacking next week, and then tell her how backpacking is an activity that is physically challenging, for which you should travel light, and wonderful for those on a budget (like me).

  • I have been earning extra dough doing video transcribing. I thought that in this day and age, that there was software that could do that for you. As it is, there is a demand for it and I feel like I have over-committed.

  • I bought the Happy Meal at McDonald's so I could get the Takara Plarail Train Toys for Tony.

  • I bought two of the same toy but didn't give them to Tony directly. I instead left them with his other toys so he could find them. The first toy he was happy to get. But the second toy brought on a strange reaction. He found this toy while I was at work. When I came home, Tony was upset with me. "I don't want this!" he said to me angrily. "I already have one!" I was surprised at his attitude, and chided him for his ingratitude.

  • I attended a reception at a Hotel located in the heart of Taihu New City (so said the hotel website) that was really far away from the downtown Wuxi. It was to mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic in China. A bunch of foreigners, including the trainers at my school, attended. Most of the foreigners were businessmen wearing suits and ties. (I at least wore a tie with white shirt and black pants – the rest of my colleagues balked at the idea of dressing formal) I recognized only two of the foreigners but didn't talk to them. I felt intimidated by being with so many business types and couldn't escape this feeling of being frivolous English teaching riff-raff. The mayor of Wuxi made a speech thanking the foreigners for their support. Later, he came up to us and gave us a name card which I will keep as a souvenir.

  • After the reception, I returned home and stopped by my local mom and pop shop to buy some drinks. The female proprietor looked at Tony Baba (that be me), and asked why I was wearing a tie. Not knowing what Chinese to say, I showed her the card I got from the Mayor.

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