Sunday, June 23, 2013

The AKIC Wuxi Blog Weekly for June 17 to June 23, 2013

Gratitude:  It is nice to have days off, even while having a feeling that I am wasting them.

Acknowledgment: Four things to acknowledge this week. 1)My days off will be nothing to brag about – they may even depress me. 2) Ignoring or air-brushing problems is my way of dealing with them. 3)I have the seven vices to some degree. I could certainly say that I don't have them as bad as others, but that would be a poor way for letting myself off the hook for the ones I do have. 4)The Beatles Song Eleanor Rigby could be updated to include a passage about a blogger named Andis Kaulins.
Requests:  Please forgive my many solecisms. I tell you that I do check and re-check my entries for errors, but I always seem to miss some. Be sure to visit the new photo blog I have started not once a week, but every day.

The AKIC Week in Brief: The Wuxi Summer came to a definite start this week as the A/C unit in the office will be on till the end of August. The realization of the this start made Andis feel more lethargic, but he did have his vacation to look forward to. (It started on June 22nd and will run to July 1st, more or less. Andis will have to go to work on June 27th.) Andis started a new blog. Sunday afternoon, Tony dropped Jenny's Ipad.

The AKIC Mission:  To be China's leading forum of  Gómez-Dávilism and reactionary intransigence, as well as a provocation to all of AKIC's enemies and critics.

The AKIC Motto:  Believe in God, trust in Christ, look with suspicion.

The AKIC Idiom: Casual Insouciance and Solecism-ism.

Who should read AKIC? AKIC is more AK than C. So don't come here expecting the rantings of a would-be Sinologist. I just sometimes mention what I happen to see being here in China. Also, don't expect to read anything about the Expat community here at AKIC. I keep my contact with foreigners to a minimum – but then that is like someone declaring his party to be private even when no one is going to his party anyway. Only kindred spirits of me should read this blog. That is, flotsam, jetsam, waifs, lost souls, conservatives, reactionaries, lost-causers, medievalists, coin-tossers, base brats, marginal humans, watchers, cranks,walkers, wallflowers, failures, losers, Catholics, solitaries, and loners.

An AKIC Glossary
[I have been thinking that it is silly to put this glossary in each of my weekly blog entries and that I should set up a page on AKIC wordpress. However, I am constantly editing the glossary – something I can't do if I make it a page.]

Gratitude: will always be the first word of the AKIC weekly blog entry -- it is the key to happiness.

Acknowledgment and Request:  For me Acknowledgment means confession; and Request means asking for stuff.  GAR [Gratitude, Acknowledgment, Request] are the simple stages of a prayer which I came upon following the Jewish World Review site.  I used the GAR format when I delivered the eulogy at my father's funeral last year.

Solecisms: I try to rid my blog and writings of these things, but they never seem to go away.

Jenny is my wife. She is a Jiangsu woman. Why she puts up with me is a mystery. I ain't good-looking and I don't have any money. Her enemies are my enemies. I put up with a lot of isolation for her.

J: I will sometimes refer to her that way.

Tony is my son.  If he is annoying or is acting way, way, way out-of-line, I will spank him -- I don't do this as much as I used to, having mellowed out in that regard. I actually put this line in as a dig against anti-spanking activists who are about as useful for humanity as pacifists and social workers. I put up with a lot of isolation for Tony as well.

T: I will sometimes refer to Tony this way.

TKIC: Tony Kaulins in China.  I may be referring to the TKIC blogs or to Tony when I use TKIC.  I  am sure you can figure out which way I am using it from the context.

AKIC:  Andis Kaulins in China.  The same applies to AKIC as applies to TKIC.  That is, I may be referring to the AKIC blogs or to myself.  AKIC aspires to be China's leading forum of  Gómez-Dávilism and reactionary intransigence.

My School is HyLite English located on Zhongshan Road in Wuxi, China.

Casa Kaulins is what I call the apartment I (really my wife) owns.

California Villa: The English name of the apartment complex the Kaulins family resides. In Chinese pinyin, it is called Jia Zhou Yang Fang. (加州洋房)

Train-spotting.  There is a high speed train track running near Casa K.  Tony & I, when we have a chance, love to go there to watch the trains go by.

Wuxi (无锡):  The city where Jenny, Tony & I live.  I sometimes call it the Wux.

Hui Shan (惠山): The district of Wuxi in which we live.  Not to be confused with the Hui Shan Mountain that is in Xihui Park. There isn't a mountain anywhere in the district.

Ba Bai Ban (八佰伴): Also known as Wuxi Yao Han, Ba Bai Ban is a famous department store at the corners of Zhongshan Road and Xueqian Road in Downtown Wuxi. AKIC goes there to buy Tomica and Plarail toys for his son Tony.

The Square:  The Hui Shan People's Square is nearby Casa Kaulins.

Central Park:  Hui Shan Central Park is the park closest to Casa Kaulins.  It has a playground area and a small lake with beach.  The park is nothing special.  The water in the lake is unbelievably foul.  The playground's fixtures are falling apart.  The park is big enough that its narrow paths, that I would have thought were meant for pedestrians, have cars being driven on them.  The sight of these cars honking at pedestrians to get out their way disgusts me as much as the park's lake water. 

Hui Shan Wanda (惠山万达): A fancy shopping mall and cinema that is near Casa Kaulins. As of this typing, it is supposed to open June 21.

Century Times Plaza (Tesco) That is the supermarket that is closest to Casa Kaulins.

Yanqiao: a town of Hui Shan District -- not too far from Casa Kaulins.

Qianzhou: an area or a district or a town that borders on Yanqiao.

Jiangyin (江阴): A city or district next to Wuxi.

Meicun:  A suburb of Wuxi city that is far from the downtown.

Shuo Feng:  Ditto!

Ditto!  Agrees with what has been previously said.

To do List At work, even though I am not that busy anymore, I print out a weekly list of things to do everyday. It is a compulsive-obsessive habit that does give my days some form.

LECTOR: I got the idea for Lector, a fictional sparring partner for my blog, from a Hilaire Belloc book I had read recently.

DBs: I will leave it to you to try and figure out what D & B stand for.

School Laptop:  I like to make note of where I make my notes for my weekly blog entry.  One of the four places is my school laptop.  The other three are: my home laptop, my Ipad Mini, and my Ipod Touch.

Dotdotdot: This is my favorite social app. It is a nice way to read long form articles on the Internet that allows you to proclaim to the world what you are reading. I use the app to read the Catechism and the writings of Father Schall. I get a new follower seemingly every day.

Python:  A script-writing computer program I am learning to use.

Atftb:  A thought for the blog.

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada is where my mother Aina lives. 
Winnipeg, Manitoba is where my brother Ron lives.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA is where some of my father's relatives live.

Bao Bao Sleepy:  What Tony calls it when he sleeps in Daddy's arms or on Daddy's lap.

David Warren:  I visit his website about five times a day.  He a fervent Catholic and reactionary.  If I model myself after anyone, it would be him.

Don Colacho:  a.k.a. Nicolás Gómez Dávila. A South American sage.  He died in 1993.  He would have been 100 in 2013.  I read his aphorisms everyday.  He is the consummate reactionary.

Father Schall: I am always reading the site of his which has a huge collection of his writings.

English Corner:  I go to a room and try to talk to a group of Chinese people in English.  Often, they don't understand me and they have nothing to say about anything.

25,602, 602支,61081796711885, 635These are the buses I can take as I go to downtown Wuxi from my home (Casa Kaulins) the Hui Shan New District. I usually take the 602in the morning, transferring to the 79, the 81, or the 85 to get to school. In the evening, I can take the 67, the 79, the 81, the 85 or the 118 to get to the stop where I catch the 635. The 635 is the only bus running to my area of Wuxi after 800 PM. The 81 bus is a double-decker – quite the novelty for a guy who spent a lot of his life in Manitoba. The 25 bus is the cheap 1 RMB that I used to take all the time but now rarely take.

HM:  Harry Moore is from Brisbane Australia.  He had a brief stint as an English teacher at my school.  He sends me emails occasionally.  He was my partner in crime in my notorious Wuxi China Expatdom Blog.  He suffered a stroke recently but he still heroically plugs away.
The Wuxi Peach Maoists: AKIC is proud to be the manager of the official NFL fantasy football team of Wuxi Expats.

About Me (Andis):

I in in China!  





Politically I am Conservative/Reactionary!  Put me down as being more reactionary than conservative. Many of the things worth preserving have been destroyed.

I am Canadian!  Oh, how I love to watch replays of Team Canada beating the Soviets in 1972!

I am Latvian (sort of)! My parents definitely were. I was second generation and grew up speaking English. I can count to ten in the language. I can also say hello and good night in Latvian. But that is about it. I was never in an environment where I could have learned it. I tried to learn in my twenties but couldn't pronounce it to save myself. Reading the Black Book of Communism, I read of a Latvian who played a prominent role in the Cheka. While it is great that Latvia is independent, it is hard to look at what happened during the war without feeling sheepish

I teach English!  Teaching English in China is a free Chinese lesson as it turns out. How often do I hear a word translated that I had come across in my private Chinese studies.
I am not a freak! There are in fact other people named Andis Kaulins in the world. Another Andis Kaulins has a site called I love the fact that reference to AKIC is made in the site's banner. And as far as I know, I am not related to the Andis Kaulins who is domiciled in the USA. [LECTOR: You are a freak!]

I like to Read! Here is what I had been working my way through the past week:
Don Colacho's Aphorisms.  There are 2,988 of them in this book that I compiled for myself.  I read ten aphorisms at a time.  I cut and paste the better ones -- they are all profound actually -- and I put them in my weekly blog entry. (See below)
Ulysses by James Joyce.  I am following along with Frank Delaney as he slowly guides podcast listeners through Joyce's hard-to-read novel.  Delaney figures he will have done his last ReJoyce Podcast in about 22 years.  Now that I have caught up to Delaney's podcast (he completed episode #158 this week), I am getting ahead him as far as reading the book.  I will be finished reading it, I figure, in a year. I read the novel despite its many blasphemies. It is best to be aware of this stuff because the world is full of it, and the world will always find a way of slapping you in the face with it

The Holy Bible King James Version.   I am reading a chapter a day of the greatest book of all-time. I finished reading Letters to the Romans.

Columns by Father Schall. I have been able to take all his archived writings and place them on the Dotdotdot app.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church. Like Father Schall's writings, I have been able to place them on the Dotdotdot app.

Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens. I wish I could bury myself in this book at the expense of all else.

The Black Book of Communism. A must read, especially for left-wingers. It may smarten some of them up. Most just change their labels calling themselves socialists, democratic socialists, middle-of-the-roaders, and progressives, instead of admitting they were wrong.

I like to take photos
I publish them in the following blogs:  AKIC wordpress , TKIC blogspot, TKIC wordpress and Views of China from Casa Kaulins.

I like to make videos

I like to cut and paste quotations:
Here are the ones I have chosen this week from Don Colacho:
2381 The only possible progress is the internal progress of each individual. [I am making no discernible external progress. Of that there can be no doubt. But it doesn't matter.]
2395 Intelligence isolates; stupidity brings together.
2396 The ability to consume pornography is the distinctive characteristic of the imbecile. [This week, I had decided to read ten Colacho Aphorisms a day, and choose the best one. Tuesday, I couldn't decide which was better: 2395 or 2396.]
2400 What cloisters us gives us the chance to ennoble ourselves. [It is hard for me to feel ennobled after interacting with anyone other than my wife and son. Another benefit of being cloistered is that one doesn't adopt the fashionable stupidities of the day.]
2418 One must live for the moment and for eternity. Not for the disloyalty of time.
2427 The being one finds oneself to be is also a stranger to us. [The beings we interact with are also strangers too, but not as strange as ourselves.]
2439 Avoid repeating a word is the favorite rule of rhetoric of one who does not know how to write. [I don't know how to write; and the more I try to and the more I read, the less I realize that I do know. And that rule, that Colacho mentions, is one that I have tried to follow often. I can see now why it isn't a good rule, it encourages pretentious sort of writing, use of jargon, and using words incorrectly.]
2444 The fool does not concede superiority except to one who exhibits idiotic refinements. [Ha! So true!]

Here are two passages from Saint Paul to his epistle to the Romans:

  1. Be not wise in your own conceits.
  2. If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

I was slow on the uptake in understanding Chinese communism’s awfulness. I’d been a lefty in my student days without knowing anything much about China. [My one problem with this quote is that he modifies communism with Chinese. Aren't all communisms, whether Cuban, Russian, or Cambodian awful?]

the disconcerting barrenness of the Chinese monumental landscape cannot be read simply as a consequence of the chaotic years of the Maoist period. It is a feature much more permanent and deep—and it had already struck Western travelers in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century. [That's why China is a pile of rubble and will always be a pile of rubble. It is part of the Chinese character to not like old stuff.]

I like to keep a journal of my daily activities and any thoughts that occur to me.
[This journal records the events that I can talk about. In fact, a lot happens that I can't talk about, though I try to allude to these happenings with my thoughts which I will record in this journal. As well, I don't blog about people I happen to know. I scrupulously try to avoid mentioning names, except if I happen to have something good to say about them. [LECTOR: You rarely have anything good to say about people, I notice. ANDIS: Uh-huh!]]

Monday [June 17]
I don't work today & Tony goes to school, but I must be on my toes all the same. Jenny isn't about to let me laze about the house, and I have got some things I would like to do like study Chinese, read Pickwick Papers, do some Python programming, watch Game of Thrones, and blog of course.

Last night, I slapped together a video which I put on Youtube and Youku. In the ten hours, it has been on the 'net, The Bridge to Qianzhou has garnered about ten views. I have actually had a couple of videos get over a thousand views on Youku: Tony and his Toys and The Greatest Comeback in Toy Train History.

I am a bit of a tweetybird. That is, I do tweet on Twitter. Anytime, I make an entry to a wordpress blog, a tweet is produced. My tweeter name is wuxiandis.

I am also on Facebook. Look for Andis Edmunds Kaulins if you want to friend me. Again, anytime I make an entry to my wordpress blog, the fact of the publishing is announced on Facebook. I may have a hundred friends of course I did go through a process of de-friending a bunch of Wuxi Expats.

Tuesday [June 18]
[Home Laptop]
I work today 1300 to 2100.

The temperatures outside are in the mid-thirties. It is unbearably humid. Wuxi carpetbaggers -- I hesitate to call them Wuxi Expats – leave Wuxi at this time of year. I don't have a choice and so I am stuck here, but damn those who don't stick around and yet claim to be Wuxi Expats – you are nothing but opportunistic carpetbaggers!

Tony comes home from school yesterday and immediately plays with his toy cars and firetrucks, parking them in nice lineups, as those who may follow his two photo blogs may know.

Yesterday, I stayed at home, trying to not sweat. I watched a few episodes of the second season of the Game of Thrones. They finally introduced a black character – something which the first season lacked. There were also a bunch of butch lesbians introduced as well. The characters are portrayed from a modern perspective.

BTW, I have added a new feature to TKIC Blogspot. Tony says the darnedest things.

I was told that were beavers in Jiangsu – that is that dam-building creature that is a symbol of Canada and featured on the Canadian five-cent coin. There may be some now in Jiangsu, but they are very rare.

A weasel was roaming the first floor of the school last week. These longish squirrel-like creatures are not an uncommon sight in the Wux.

[School Laptop]
My wife had watched Season One of Game of Thrones but hadn't actually seen the climactic scene with the nude woman and the three dragons. That scene had been censored on the Chinese website where my wife had been watching the series. I have complained about the nudity and the sex in the series, but that doesn't mean I support the censorship or think of myself as a prude. My complaint has been that the nudity and the sex really don't advance the plot – the explicit scenes are there because of some formula it seems to me. Sex having been around for as long as man has, there isn't much you can do with it after awhile, except try to pile outlandish upon outlandish so that you are left with nothing but perversions to show. Sex is a small part of the human drama and yet it has been turned into a God.

The only thing that can be said for the Wuxi heat is that woman are better to look at, as they wear less clothing and their curves really show up.

To be with the Moderns, you have to give softballish advice that seems utterly pointless. What should often be said to people these days is this: “You are a knucklehead who must change his ways!” This is a harsh thing to say, but in many cases it is true and the only thing that can be said. There is no point in trying to sugar coat things so that people's self-esteem is not damaged. The fact of the matter is that most people's existences don't matter in this life – they just aren't important as individuals to very many people except hopefully their parents and friends. Why should you be told that you are appreciated when you are just a body. Why will being lied to really change things.

Better for them to know that they have souls and they better look after them. If they don't realize this, they can't be helped, only prayed for.

The people who think there are too many people in the world, should begin by criticizing their parents for having ever brought them into the world.

The orifice is air-conditioned. It is okay for now but what will it mean later when I get into the harsh heat?

Wednesday [June 19]
[School Laptop]
I work 1300 to 2100. I got to school at elevenish. It was humid at home and I had things to do and things that I could do, here. [Should I put in the last comma?]

Statement: I don't understand how people can worship something that doesn't exist.

Response: The “I don't understand” in your statement means two things: first, you think you are superior to people who are religious; and secondly, you are very stupid. If you are in fact superior to these people, you should be able to understand them. Obviously, they have faith that what you think doesn't exist does. Best for you to say you don't think God exists, and leave it at that. Your conceit belies your stupidity. [LECTOR: That last sentence is true of you as well. ANDIS: No doubt.]

I just taught a student (female) who is a pitcher, that be a baseball pitcher, at some sort of sports school. She said her school is connected to MLB. She couldn't tell me who her favorite baseball player or team was, however. [My favorite player was Gary Carter. I couldn't tell you who I currently like. My favorite teams were the Expos, the Mariners, and the Jays at times. I couldn't tell you which team I like now. More than anything, I don't like it when the Rays, the Marlins, or the Diamondbacks do well.]

Thursday [June 20]
[School Laptop]
I work 1000 to 2100 today

I had the 早晨全餐 (big breakfast) at McDonald’s this morning. It cost me 22 rmb, up from the 21.5 rmb that it was last week.

Oh yes. The pinyin for the big breakfast word is zao chen quan can.

No thoughts to type in this blog early in the morning.

I will be doing an SPC on Art this afternoon. Not Art Linkletter or Art Garfunkel but the Art that is contained in the word Artifice. [I was thinking to take the photos I was using for the class and putting them in my teaching English blog, but I thought better of it.]

I noticed a lot of teenagers on buses and at McDonald's – I normally wouldn't see any. It must mean that their summer vacations are beginning.

Another slow day at school. Nothing to blog about.

One day, I will become social again. Just not today. I keep hearing stories of how fucked the world is, and people are becoming more barbaric. Any interactions I have only seem to confirm this, and I feel naïve to the point of imbecility of actually seeing what others are up to.

Later, in the evening today, I will teach a class about culture. It is a big word, I will tell them, and I will use it in many ways.

The Stanley Cup Final is tied at two games a piece. I don't know who I would like to see win it. Both the Black Hawks and the Bruins would be aesthetically fine looking champions I think. Maybe the series goes to seven with the final game going to overtime. That would be cool.

I was all sore after doing my afternoon SPC which was about art.

Would it be better if I tried to be a stand-up comedian than an English teacher? I always have to restrain myself in an English class because I have to think about whether the students will understand me or not. Of course, if I was talking to an English speaking audience, they would understand me which would be a worse thing.

I am watching the sixth episode of the second season of Game of Thrones.

Friday [June 21]
[School Laptop]
I work 1100 to 2100. I get to school at 910. [LECTOR: Why? ANDIS: What else am I going to do? LECTOR: Does it matter? ANDIS: To me, yes. In the big scheme of things, no.]

We are religious animals. Man, that is. It is part of our nature. That is why I think that to be an avowed atheist is perverse. Atheism is an inclination we have, like to murder and to steal. If we give in to all our inclinations, we become perverse. And we worship even when we think we don't. We just worship different Gods. In China, they tried to make a God of Chairman Mao. It didn't work out for them, so now they worship money.

The Hui Shan Wanda Plaza, a big luxurious shopping mall has its grand opening today. Because I am downtown I won't be going. I don't plan to go there tomorrow or the day after that either. It will be crowded I imagine, and crowds destroy the purpose of anything they converge on.

The strange thing is that there is another shopping mall in the area that has been under construction for all the time I have been going to Casa Kaulins. I figure this mall has been under construction for seven years. In an age where people prefer to shop on taobao and not in shops and stores, you have to wonder if this mall, whenever it is finished being constructed, will be needed.

I just opened an email from Taki's magazine. John Derbyshire has an article entitled the Man who blew the lid off Maoism.

Peasant types that I had seen in my wife's home village. Some of them had shrines of Chairman Mao in their homes. How much better off they would have been to have worshiped more traditional ones.

Saturday[June 22]
[Home Laptop]
I am not working today. My vacation days begin.

There were a lot of people at the opening of the Hui Shan Wanda Plaza. So, I was told by my wife and my 635 bus companion.

What to do today? I don't know.

Sunday [June 23]
[Home Laptop]
I don't work today. It is the second of period of days off and vacation time taken. Today is really just my day off. I have a vague plan to go to the Wanda today, but given how the place is so crowded for its opening weekend, I may not bother. Tony however wants to go. I have found out, by asking students who are parents children of similar ages, that children love crowds but their parents don't.

If yesterday is any indication, this vacation will be boring in the doing and then in the retelling. I found myself having to sit around while Tony played with my Ipad. I found myself doing a lot of waiting whether it be for a bus to come, for a restaurant to open, or for one of the other two members of Canadian-Chinese-Latvian Family Kaulins to finish what they were doing. I found myself drifting aimlessly in a shopping area. I found myself sitting in a room with a crowd of screaming parents and screaming children. Tony goes back to school on Monday so I will have time to work on my projects, but I won't be going anywhere. Next Saturday, I will attending a performance of Tony's dance class. I had been hoping to spent the weekend in Shanghai, so when my wife asked me if I thought it was a good idea to attend, I started to pout. [LECTOR: You are a bad selfish parent! ANDIS: No! Children performing is an awful thing to behold.]

Yesterday, I didn't get a chance to watch an episode of Game of Thrones.

Today, I finished watching the ninth episode of the second season.

Yesterday, I started reading the Black Book of Communism. I then took a look at a thing and wanted to spit. I wish that there was a symbol of China that is universally recognized and has nothing to do with the party!

Yesterday and today, I took a lot of photos for my new blog. It was annoying process because when you take the time to take a photo, nothing much of interest happens outside the apartment. When something interesting does happen, it happens so quickly that it is too late to bring out a camera.

I saw four people riding an ebike: two adult woman with two small children squeezed in-between. I couldn't take a photo.

I hear thunder – 830 am.

I won't go to Wanda today. It is just a shopping mall. Sure, it has a cinema, but it is one that will have Chinese audiences who don't know how to behave in cinemas.

I phoned my Mom last night. She tells me that there is heavy rain in Brandon, and that the downtown of Calgary is flooded so that 100,000 people have to be evacuated. Aunt Dzidra, her older sister, hangs in there at the hospital. Dzidra suffers from pancreatic cancer. Uncle Red, her one brother, got back from the hospital and has been with equipped with a walker to get around.

My wife was visibly angry when she heard the story of two children in Nanjing, two and six years of age, who had been ignored by their parents and so died of starvation. The parents were drug addicts – the lowest of the low. My first reaction was to tell her that stories like this are not uncommon in the West. I realized that it was a good thing that I had stayed away from bars for these negligent parents are the sort of people you will encounter in bars. I now think about why my wife took the news so personal – she was pawned off by her natural parents because she the third girl they had had. Furthermore, the society she grew up in often teased her for being an unwanted child. [LECTOR: Do you think the case of the two parents is an argument for the necessity of abortion. ANDIS: WTF are you saying? LECTOR: It would have been better that these children hadn't been born for they suffered so much. ANDIS: It would have been better if the parents had lived in a culture that valued children and not saw them as a burden.]

I don't think China has too many people, even though I hate crowds of Chinese and try to avoid them. I tell the students that China could have two billion people no problem. (And BTW, how many people are there really in China? How can they make an actual count when it is just so easy for many to hide from the counters.) Despite the large amount of people here, I do find I have plenty of space to be solitary here. I can often be by myself for hours on end.

To say there are too many people in the world is barbaric, selfish, inhumane and fascist. People, who accept this idea that there are too many people, do so unthinkingly. I have come to the realization that people who really believe this line and devote their lives to are power-seeking individuals who want to be part of a totalitarian political system. Nothing could be better for a bureaucratic organization to advance its aims, to gain more power than to advance the notion that the Earth has too many humans. It is a way of justifying murder whether through abortion or genocides based on racial or class hatred.

What was the difference between the genocides of the Nazis and the Leftists? The Nazis exterminated people because of their racial or physical status. The Leftists slaughtered people because of their class or their thoughts. Really, what was the difference?

A thought I should have recorded earlier in the week after I had done an English Topic with the topic of Art. I had shown the students a photo of graffiti. I said it wasn't art because it was vandalism and thus not truly beautiful. I then thought this: tattoos aren't art either for like graffiti, they are vandalism, in fact a vandalism of the body.

I made a cameo appearance in two of my blogs. [Mom says I have too many blogs.]

The Lanesters of Game of Thrones are like the Clintons, I think.  Jamie Lanester and his sister to be exact. An incestuous relationship based on a desire for power. Perhaps, Bill and Hilary are siblings.

Went to
外婆家 on Saturday.  That be the Grandma's Restaurant that is in the Nanchang Market area. We went there at 345 pm and waited at seats by the reception desk till the restaurant opened at 430.

I don't use my mobile phone much.  Good thing:  those who do, strut arrogantly, their lips pouting with a sense of a superiority and disdainfulness.

I saw a VW Beetle ride in front of Casa Kaulins. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a photo.

Tony dropped Jenny's Ipad. He is trouble for awhile. He will be forced to watch television instead of playing with the computer or the laptop.
[LECTOR: Do you think anyone reads this blog? You only had 39 views of last week's entry. Why do you spend so much time on something that yields no benefit and if anything, only re-enforces the fact that you are one lonely and isolated person? ANDIS: I will let you have the last word. LECTOR: Thanks! ANDIS: You are welcome. LECTOR: Well then! Let me have the last word!!! ANDIS: Okay..... oops. LECTOR: No one reads your fucking blog!!!]

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