Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 28, 1972: Henderson Scores for Canada!

Forty years, I was living in  236 Place Biloudeau in Val Saint Michael, Quebec.  I remember the Canada Russia series was being played, but at the time, I wasn't paying much attention to it.  I have a memory of playing in the back yard while my father was watching the game on a small black and white television which he had put outside.

I wasn't a hockey fan in 1972.  But by 1974 when the Russians played a WHA Team Canada, I was a hockey fan.   in '74, I remember going to the school gymnasium to watch the games, hoping there could be a replay of the magic of 72.

In 1974, the 72 Series was already legendary.  To my young mind in 74, 1972 was a different age, it was eons before.  

In 2012, 2010 was only two years ago, a mere blink of the eye.

Though I wasn't involved with the Summit Series at the time, I have been able to watch replays of all the games since.  I have felt very emotional watching them.  Watching game 2 of the 72 series, I can say that I have never watched a game with more tense atmosphere.

Last week, I watched a documentary of the series, and I was full of adrenalin as I imagined what it must have been like at the time to have watched the series.

Canada beating Russia in the 72 series was like Alexander the Great defeating the Persians.  Like Alexander's soldiers, the Canadian hockey players were tough bad asses.  Like the Persians, the Russians were effeminate and lacked heart.

The Canadian ferocity shocked the Russians who were certainly not unfamiliar with brutality.  Were the Canadians dirty?  No doubt.  But the games in 72 were more than just games.  The Russians were an evil force.  Extremism was no vice in 72.

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