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September 17 to September 23 Blog Entry

The week begins with my NFL Fantasy Football Team's first game and my wondering about what will happen between Japan and China, as the Chinese have been stoked by their government.

All are looking forward to the upcoming October holiday.  I will have six days off in  a row.  Most Chinese workers will get eight.
Here are the weekly regular features:

Thank God for all the buffets in Wuxi.

I am an unfriendly sort.  My first instinct when I see someone I know walk down the street is to avoid them.

I want my son to be a good kid who will fight for himself but never bully.

Canada Ain't Cool and not as Leftist as some want it to be
If cool as be thought of as a synonym for interesting, that I thank God that Canada ain't cool.  With things getting interesting between China and Japan, I yearn for the dullness of a Manitoba Provincial Election.

More thoughts about the 1972 Canada Russia Hockey Summit.  If Canada is supposed to be so pacifist (according to a Canadian Leftist), why is it that Canadians and not Americans are prominent in hockey?  How can it be that Americans and even Russians are shocked by the ferocity in which Canadians play hockey?

Links of the Week
Forty things you didn't know about the 1972 Canada Russia Hockey Summit Series

A Love Story in Twenty Two Pictures

This writer is frosted by the support that Obama gets.  
She writes well about her being frosted.  (I would have to say that I am saddened.)

Marc Steyn masterly puts down one Geoffrey Dunn of the Huffington Post  
Steyn had a lot of fun with Leftists seeing racist code-words and dog whistles in everything Conservatives and Republicans say, especially during the recent Republican Convention.  Dunn responded to Steyn by doubling down on the racist assertion and then called Steyn an idiot.  A racist, these days, is really a Conservative who has won an argument with a Leftist.  But I will continue to use it in the old sense.  I abandoned Leftism because I actually took the time to listen to Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, and realized that they weren't racist at all.  In fact, I realized that Conservatives are the ones who have made strides toward creating a color-blind society.  Given the past history of racism in America, America isn't racist but racialist.  That is, nearly all people look at people of different hues and are aware of the different hues, but don't look upon them with animosity.  However, in the case of the most rabid of Leftists, they look at people of minority hues with a patronizing air, and they look at White people with an animosity that is racist.

A book review by Florence King:  one of my favorite female writers.
Below is a collection of thoughts and experiences collected during the week:

Jenny and I go to the Jinling Hotel for a buffet.  I get an idea for my Wuxi China Expatdom Blog:  Buffet Reconnaissance.

In the evening, at the Hui Shan Century Plaza KFC, Tony and I sat across from each other eating chicken wings.  A truly wonderful father-son moment.

Later in the evening, Tony and I had the most incredible wrestling match.  He was trying to grab hold of My Ipod Touch so he could make the car in this driving car game app pink; I was trying to stop him and make the car a black color.  The match ended a draw, as Mom confiscated the Ipod.

The Wuxi Corrupt Officials
As I type this, my fantasy football team is trailing 80 to 68 in its first game of the season.  My opponent's players have all played.  I have one player who hasn't:  my quarterback.  He is Matt Ryan from Atlanta.  He did well in week one, and there is a good chance, he could get me the 13 fantasy points I need to win the game....

...Later.  The Corrupts Win!  The Corrupts Win!  89 - 80!

(The Corrupts are, as I type this later sentence, winning their second game.  I will let you know how they ultimately did, in next week's blog entry.) 

I finish Scenes from my life in Wuxi China #23.

I eat Chao Mian Pian at a Jia Zhou Yang Fang Muslim Restaurant.

I hear nothing about Japanese protests.  I spend my time listening to podcasts with North American concerns.

I do pass a Honda, a Mazda and A Nissan car and notice that none of them has been vandalized.

I was told that a small group of 50 students staged a protest against the Japanese on Zhongshan Road.  There was a much larger gathering in the Wuxi New District.

Civil War Podcasts
I am listening to podcasts about the American Civil War courtesy Itunes.  In one of the podcasts, I heard the speaker gave a passoinate defence of Lincoln against those who say he was a reluctant emancipationist.

I will make a short video about traipsing around Wuxi:  Scenes from My Life in Wuxi #24.

The Chinese version KFC has Wifi and is next door to my school so I go there to update my Ipod touch.

Thursday Evening
One of our Japanese students came to school.  I asked him how he was doing, and he shrugged and sighed.  I told him that I worried about him.  Apparently, Chinese have demanded  war with Japan in his presence.

Paul Krugman is a geek!
Who is Paul Krugman? He is a Nobel Prize Winning Economist of the Keynesian persuasion.

What is a geek? A clever person of limited scope, lacking social skills and practical wisdom about the world.

This explains Krugman's warped Economic views.

I say this because I have come upon this episode of a podcast, called the Geek Galaxy, which had Krugman as a guest.**  Krugman talked about his interest in Science Fiction, and not so much his Economics. Krugman said he was truly steeped in Sci Fi, and I didn't doubt it. He said he read Dune and the Foundation Series – things I have read. He mentioned how people looked down on Sci Fi as literature, and how they shouldn't, but he didn't really talk about why people looked down on it.

Science Fiction, the fiction of Geeks, is looked down on because it isn't very realistic and because it is superficial. Sci Fi often forgets about humans as much as it forgets about science. But Sci Fi is the literature of Geeks after all.

And Krugman's economics is the economics of geeks. What I heard of it in the geek podcast was enough to confirm it. His economics was highly impractical and unwise. Krugman actually posited a future in which people would not need money. In the podcast, he talked about the evil of corporations – a theme from seemingly every science fiction movie ever made.

After the Krugman interview, the podcasts hosts or geeks continued to talk about economics. They talked in an appalling ignorant way about economics mouthing the usual leftist claptrap about evil corporations and about inequality like it meant a neverending unimproving state of poverty for the poorest.

**Why can't Krugman be a guest on Econtalk?  The host of that podcast, Russ Roberts, has said he wants to have Krugman on, but Krugman has declined to do so.  Krugman it would seem is chicken wanting to talk about science fiction with economic ignoramuses.

Friday Evening
One of the students tried to make sentence referencing Japan when I asked him to make a sentence with the word "dangerous."

Talking about Europe, I told the students how evil Karl Marx was.  One of the students then told me that all of the Chinese were Marxists.  Really?!? I replied.

Wore a Long Sleeve Shirt on the Wrong Day
Saturday, it was cool enough for me to say I should have worn a long sleeve shirt.

So, I wore one on Sunday.  Only problem was I shouldn't have.  It warmed up really good overnight.

The Brooklyn Nets
I don't much care for the NBA.  However, I do think it is cool that they have a team in Brooklyn now, called the Brooklyn Nets.

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