Friday, October 21, 2011

Yue Yue R.I.P.

  • That's Yue Yue in her mother's arms in a portrait. The Kaulins Family has similar style portraits on their walls.
  • Yue Yue R.I.P. How I feel for her parents. It will be hard for them for now on.
  • I had an English corner last night, and I broached the subject of Yue Yue. I had the feeling as I did so, that I was talking about old news with the students. The students who answered my questions said that the incident could have happened in pre-1980's China, could happen in Wuxi, and that Yue Yue's death won't change things.
  • I have told the students that the world has watched the video. I have tempered my questions by saying that it could happen anywhere in the world. But there seems to be an admittance that there is a Chinese problem on display.
  • Sometimes, one's efforts to cheer someone up don't work. We shouldn't tease. A teacher at school has lost his voice. He is teaching but we are trying to cheer him up through the ordeal. Most teachers, will teach, no matter what.
  • I am still a Cainiac. Herman Cainiac that is.
  • Is there anyone who really is enthusiastic about Mitt Romney? I haven't heard of such people.
  • I want to phone my parents who are both in hospital but I am going to have to wait till Monday when I am not working. It seems that best time to phone them are in the early or very early morning. I haven't had an update from my sister so I assume no news is good news.

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Anonymous said...

As tragic as Yueyue is, it's human nature and not a Chinese thing. Think of how many Yueyues are around us - if we wanted to make a concerted effort to eradicate starvation, malaria or sickness from polluted water that afflicts and kills millions each year we could do it for probably a fraction of how much money gets spent annually on ipads and iphones.