Monday, May 10, 2010

Time for a change of approach

It is time to shake things up at AKIC.  For too long, I have given too much importance to making a daily entry to this blog.  I have been doing this at the expense of my family, my work, and ultimately the quality of this blog.  This will have to stop.  Quality daily entries just aren't possible anymore (as if they ever were!).  Time has come for me to stop the daily blog habit and restrict myself to two or three entries a week.  

Recently, I published an entry so full of grammar and editing errors that I was embarrassed.  I realized then that I was going to have to work harder on every word I publish in this blog.  Writing too hastily to fill a daily requirement, instead of taking my time to make my thoughts comprehensible, is a bad approach to blogging.  

I now take the attitude that it is better to say nothing than to say anything, and to think long and hard before I do hit the publish (or send) button.  As well, I will not immediately publish an entry after I revise.  I will return to it after an hour and decide then whether to publish or not.

So, expect fewer, but better blog entries.

I will however continue to publish my Tony blog daily -- it is only a photo blog anyway.

1 comment:

Orient Express said...

Yeah, take it easy, A. I'll keep reading your less-frequent entries. I rely on your Wuxi news;
you're the outside world's "Our Man
in Havana", so to speak.
And I will be returning again to Wuxi, (well, about 40 minutes away) to annoy you again, in about two months, so you do keep me up-to-date with whats happening there.