Thursday, May 6, 2010

Body on the road

Was she hit or was she acting?
Taking the #610 bus to work, I pass an area that is like a downtown street but under an elevated highway.  The highway divides the road so that if you want to get to the other side, you either drive a kilometer to turn around, or you drive the wrong way down the street -- it makes for many near collisions, since the road is about two lanes wide each way and many cars are parked so effectively there is one lane and narrow each way.  At the end of this of section of road, I have send many a car exit what is supposed to be an entrance ramp.
I don't know if the incident I witnessed was a result of this not well-thought traffic arrangement, but I did see a woman lying on the road Thursday morning.  She may have been hit in a collision or she may have been lying purposely in protest.  She was lying face up, her arms at her side like she was at attention -- I saw no blood but a consternated policeman and a crowd.  No one was giving first aid to the lady.  She may have been trying for the large quickie payout -- a way in which these collisions are often resolved.
Expo Fears
Many of the students are not enthusiastic about going to the Expo because of the crowds and the summer heat.  At least, this is the general opinion I got from discussing it in a recent Speakers' Corner.
Summer Heat
I am now wearing short-sleeve shirts.  Thursday, I experienced the dropping of sweat from my brow.  Summer is effectively here in Wuxi.

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Orient Express said...

Yes, they are a bit odd in those situations. When Jing and I were bussing between Taizhou and Xinghua last month, we came across the aftermath of a REALLY bad one - two cyclists impacted by a truck.
And at least 20-30 gawkers just standing there, doing nothing!
Wo bu ming-bai.
If you can't do anything to help, my policy is to just keep moving. Ghoulish-behaviour!