Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twenty Three?

The Weather
Jenny tells me that there is supposed to be a high temperature of 23 Celsius today.  Typing this at 930 a.m., I don't see this happening because it is cloudy.  I hope it does get that warm because I would like to take Tony on another scooter ride like on the 23rd.  With the scooter fully charged with electricity, I will be able to take Tony to some more off-the-beaten-path places in the area of Casa K.
Another Foreigner in Hui Shan
I saw a foreigner get off a bus at the stop near Casa K.  My instinctual reaction was to pretend I didn't see the woman who was older looking, possibly Russian or German. 
Why is that my instinctual reaction?  I am naturally shy, but the reluctance to notice was visceral.
Corina gets married
Corina Smith, that teacher we had working at HyLite a few years back, has gotten married.  Those of you who haven't heard and do know her would be interested to know this news, I am sure.
Tony does want to yield his seat
It was a rare treat to be able to get on the #25 bus, which takes us from downtown to Casa K, and find many empty seats.  I took advantage of this rare occurence to let Tony sit beside me.  When the bus filled up with travelers carrying heavy baggage, I tried to put Tony on my lap to give one of these weary types a seat.  But Tony wouldn't have anything to do with this.  He had a fit. 
It was only after I had thought to show him a video of Queen's "We Will Rock You", that is stored on my mobile phone, that he agreed to sit on his mom's lap.

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