Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thank God It's Frimonday!

Two Whole Days Off
Whoopie!!  But I have to get through this day first. 
Useful Idiots
Nice Reading!  Ha!
What can you do?  You tell the students to make a presentation, a speech; and they get up and read something they copied from the Internet  that they obviously don't understand.  Big words don't trump sincerity. 
Super Bowl in Wuxi
Because of the time zone differences, the Super Bowl takes place early Monday morning in Wuxi.  In my early Wuxi years, I made the effort to get up and watch it.  Now, I can't be bothered.
I do hope the Saints win the game.  Professional Football has been unkind to Catholicism.  The Cardinals and Saints, as I type this, have yet to win the big game.

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