Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thoughts on things passing

  • I seem to jinx U.S. Republican presidential candidates by declaring my support for them.  Going back to 2008, I first supported Gulliani, then Fred Thompson, and finally Mitt Romney (it was either him or McCain).  In 2011-12, I have put my hopes on Herman Cain, then Michelle Bachmann, and now _________________!  I think what I will do is declare my support for President Obama so I can jinx him, but I really like America and I wouldn't wish President Obama, in the spirit of jinxing, on anybody -- even Russia (I have Latvian heritage), Toronto Maple Leaf fans, Ottawa Senator fans, Vancouver Canuck fans, Madonna, supporters of Hugo Chavez, the Castros in Cuba and fans of Hip-Hop/Rap.  My string of jinxing U.S. Presidential Candidates must come to an end eventually and I can't take the chance that it would end by supporting Obama.  So perish the thought.
  • So here it goes!  Go Rick Santorum!  He seems like a decent fellow, for a politician!  He is an underdog and smart on the issues.
  • I was listening to the latest Sinica podcast. and I may decide to call it the Sinical Wanker Podcast.  Their observations about the U.S. Republican Presidential Primaries were snide to the point of saying the Chinese must be laughing at it.  They thought Fidel Castro was brilliant for deriding it as well.  Consensual Democracy is never pretty.  But I would take Fist fights in the Taiwanese Parliament, a John McCain candidacy, a Nancy Pelosi as House Majority leader and the intemperate  talk of the liberal-conservative divide than Cultural Revolutions, the Castro brothers ruling my country and government-caused famines!  
  • As well, The Sinicals had nothing to say about Rick Santorum other than he was probably a wacko Christian who didn't have a chance anyway.  I suspect all of them prefer Obama, but to hear them favorably quote Castro is going too far -- the people who call Obama a Kenyan Socialist may not be that far off, if that is how his supporters think.  
  • I suppose they may be surprised to know that Obama claims to be a Christian.
  • I have heard that when Pope Benedict XVI visits Cuba, Fidel Castro will be received into the communion of the Catholic Church.  This would be truly remarkable if it was true.  I imagine that Castro would have to spend a long, long time in the confessional for all his sins and crimes.  It would also thwart my plans to wish he would rot in hell when he dies.  Not that this is a bad thing.  Living a human life should mean having a never-ending desire to redeem one's self.  And to see Castro do a good thing is something to be devotedly hoped for.  It would be a grand thing for humanity like Obama suddenly becoming a fiscal and social conservative.
  • And I will confess that I am always having to redeem myself, especially in my wife's eyes.  And I may have to redeem myself for writing this blog entry!

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