Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tony is Back to School!

Monday morning I took him to be picked up by the car that takes him to school. He is in grade two now and he is attending a local elementary school

This means my four week hiatus from blogging has ended.

During my hiatus, I was going to think of ways to change how I would write my blog entries. I had been publishing a diary more or less on a weekly basis, but I began to find the format stale.   I would spend the month figuring out a new way of AKIC blogging I imagined.

But I frittered the month away. Right now,  I have not the vaguest idea of how I will now do my blog entries. I have thought to abandon the diary format entirely, and write shorter entries which would be essays or even briefer eyewitness accounts of things that strike me as odd as I putter around Wuxi.


It looks like I am going to be writing shorter entries.

P.S. Turning the calendar page to September means that I have spend ten full years in Wuxi. I should write an essay about that....

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on spending 10 years in Wuxi!