Monday, November 5, 2012

Why I Hope Romney Wins

I should have started writing out this essay a week ago.  The idea to so so only came to me after I saw other such essays on the Internet.

Rare readers should know that I use the labels conservative and libertarian to describe my political views.  Thus it should come as no surprise that I don't want Obama to win.  But that doesn't mean I would necessarily support Romney.  Back when the pre-primary stage of the presidential election started, Romney was not my first choice to be the Republican candidate or even my second or third or fourth.  Romney was more acceptable than Ron Paul (supported by dope smokers and isolationists), Donald Trump, and Jon Huntsman (self-described moderate and loathsome RINO -- what a joke he was!), but that was about it.

However, Romney won the Republican nomination in the end, so I will have to rationalize my supporting him.  He is a Mormon which makes him, more than likely, to be a good person.  The Mormons I have meet have really impressed me.  And as a demographic group, they have been one of the more successful groups in America, right up there with Jews and Asians.  Romney is a successful businessman which means the Left hates him -- anything the Left hates is usually good. (Well what about Hitler?  The only thing the Left hates about Hitler, for instance, was his forcing the establishment of the state of Israel -- they really had no problem with his Socialism)  Romney has executive experience up the ying-yang -- both in business and as a the governor of Massachusetts.  In the third debate, he looked very Presidential.  And his running mate Paul Ryan is alright.

However, Romney has said some things that trouble me as a conservative and as a libertarian.  During the second presidential debate on economics, he said many distressing things and sounded like a big government Republican.  He went a little too far with his China-bashing. One has to hope that his running mate Paul Ryan can stop these spending excesses, like Chou En Lai was said to have checked Chairman Mao's excesses.

But, to paraphrase Marc Levin, an orange pop can is more worthy of any person's vote than President Obama.  I don't know where to start with why Obama doesn't deserve to be re-elected.  So, I will list my grievances -- the ones I can think of -- in bullet form:

  • Obama's election to the Presidency in 2008 was like watching a cult grow before one's eyes.  It was Jonestown kool-aid drinking.  Never has a person said so many meaningless platitudes and been thought of as being profound.  Never have supporters of a political candidate sounded so deluded and foolish (for instance:  I felt a tingle up my leg!)
  • Obama, in his Jesus-like posture, promised to transcend petty party differences and bring a new idealism.  I knew full well at the time that this was baloney.  Still, I was surprised how he became a more divisive figure than Bush or Clinton.  And his supporters became more and more narcissistic and self-righteous, all out of keeping with this idealist and tolerant pose they were supposed to have adopted like their dear leader.   To see them moan and suffer if their Messiah is not re-elected would be a joy to watch.  Of course, they will become more shrill during a Romney Presidency, but I will have to train myself to enjoy their suffering and pray that they see the errors of their ways.
  • Despite all the talk of the genius of his '08 campaign, Obama was very lucky to have won.  The financial crisis's timing ensured his election.  At the time, he was trailing McCain in the polls.
  • Obama's election was false grace.  Some Americans just wanted to elect the first black guy president.
  • Obama's election was the worst case of affirmative action I ever saw.  (grammatical mistake intentionally)  How else to explain how a two year junior Senator could become President?
  • Obama continued Bush's war against Terrorism, but in an evil way.  Bush, being a decent man, captured the terrorists and put them in Gitmo.  Thinking of all the grief Bush got for Gitmo, one wondered why the Americans just didn't kill the terrorists as soon as they captured them and saved the trouble.  But that would have been inhumane and cruel, and ultimately bad strategy.  Use the terrorists to help find the other terrorists and save innocent lives was the decent thing to do.  Obama didn't do this.  He employed drones to wipe out the terrorists and caused lots of collateral innocent casualties.  Now tell me who is more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize?  The U.S. President -- there is something about being the U.S. President that makes one eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize -- who fought a war in a humane way as possible, or the one who using remote controlled missiles indiscriminately?
  • Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East was proven a failure by the Benghazi incident where his efforts to liberate Libya were rewarded by the murder of a U.S. ambassador.  The subsequent cover-up has been shameless.
  • Speaking of shameless, was the lack of interest by most of the media in his relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright astounding to behold?  Obama's speech on race during the 2008 campaign actually defended Reverend Wright.  The speech was meet with great acclaim, but little attention was then paid to the fact that a week later, Wright made public statements that resulted in an embarrassed Obama having to leave Wright's church -- throwing him under the bus, as it were.
  • In the speech, Obama said one of his white relatives was racist because she felt intimidated by young blacks in hoods.  That was absurd.
  • But these are minor quibbles compared to the actual economic record of Obama in his time as president.
  • Obama has made every possible bone-headed decision possible to have prevented a full recovery from the 2008 recession possible.  Instead of dealing with America's deficit problem, Obama choose to try to socialize the American healthcare sector.  So bad is Obamacare, that one must assume it is a stealth plan to bring a single payer socialized healthcare to America.
  • Obama had provided no leadership on the deficit and debt issue.  Instead, he has tried to employ class envy demagoguery and to talk of jobs plans to revive the economy -- non-starters if he wants to get any of his opponents to agree with him.
  • Obama's party has not passed a budget for three years.
  • Obama saving General Motors from bankruptcy was a sop to his union supporters.  Bankruptcy would have actually given GM a chance to organize itself in an rational fashion.  Instead, there has been the Chevy Volt and the U.S. Treasury is stuck with a 27 percent share of GM stock that it can't unload without incurring a huge loss.
  • Solyndra.  Obama's plan to revive the U.S. economy with green jobs is a joke.
  • His blaming the ATM for job losses was one of his most egregious display of his economic ignorance.
  • Studies of his background have shown him to be influenced by crackpot ideas.
  • He has lowered the behavioral standards for the U.S. presidency -- quite a feat considering the fact that the pervert and rapist Bill Clinton put the presidency in the gutter.  Obama said his bowling was Special Olympian.  Obama has appeared on shows with comedians.  His bayonet and horses statement in the third debate showed him to be a narcissistic and self-righteous -- all that is wrong with Liberalism that he may represent in his more temperate moments.
Anyway, I end the list there I'll stop my complaining about Obama for now.  I cross my fingers that he will not be re-elected and I can go on to complain about Romney's Milquetoastism for the next four years.

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