Monday, August 20, 2012

August 13 - 19 2012 Blog Entry

Not much happened this week to AKIC.


I am  thankful for a healthy Tony who will celebrate his fifth birthday on August 23.  

I am also very thankful to my parents for having lived together for 49 years.  I feel sorry for those who haven't had their parents stick together.  Arnis and Aina would have celebrated their 50th anniversary on August 25th.  As it is, I will celebrate the 50th anniversary on this site.


It hasn't been easy raising Tony and yet I take it too easy sometimes with Tony.  I am often far too indulgent of him.   I also don't think I am going to live enough to celebrate my 50th anniversary.


Please visit the web page I have dedicated to my father.  Scroll to the botton and you will see his headstone.

I also pray to God that I never get divorced.  


 I was riding the bus to work on Tuesday morning.  I was not so fortunate as to get a seat, but I was more fortunate than some cyclist.  Standing near the back of the bus and looking out the driver side window, I was startled by a scream, that seemed almost comedic**,  coming from behind me.  I quickly turned and saw other passengers looking out of the bus window at something behind.  The bus just kept on its way.  I thought I could detect some sheepishness in the driver's manner, but after five minutes, it seemed the incident was forgotten.

** I was reminded of a scene from one of the Naked Gun movies where Leslie Nielson parked his car and knocked over people work on scaffolding.


I see an old man carrying, piggy back style, a young boy who was about Tony's size.  It look as incongruous as say I would look if I was carrying a fourteen year Tony on my back.

Students Say the Darnedest Things

I opened a conversation class about men with the following question:  do you like women?   Two middle school boys then told me they weren't sure and I had a good laugh.

Carrying on with the class, I tried to convey to the students the idea of "real manhood."  Can men wear dresses? I asked.  One of the two middle school boys, who said he wasn't sure if he liked women,answered yes!   After saying what! to him in an incredulous manner, he defended his answer, saying "They do in Scotland."  And well sometimes they can at costume parties!"  I had something to put in my blog, so I was thankful for his answer.

Later in the class, I asked if certain famous males were real men.  What I asked if  Hu Jiantao a real man, some of the students said no.  (Can I be honest? said one)  But one girl said Hu was a man because the Beijing Olympics were better than the London Olympics.  (I won't bring up that question of Beijing versus London during any class since I haven't watched any of the London Olympics.)

In another class I had this exchange.  Me: Tell me something you have done yet that you want to do?  Student:  Have supper.

Canada Ain't Cool

Another new weekly feature for this blog.  In Canada Ain't Cool, I will display love for and interest in my country.  The title is meant to be provocative and throw off a certain kind of Canadian who likes Pierre Trudeau, hates the Monarchy, hates the USA,  is a pacifist, and thinks socialized medicine is something to be proud of.  

I define cool as the triumph of style over substance.  It is my contention that Canada, at its true essence isn't cool, it is something much more substantive, and despite Leftist assaults on this substance, Canada thankfully still isn't cool.

Listening to Rex Murphy broadcasts, I feel an urge to go back to Canada.  Rex Murphy isn't cool.  He is actually slightly reactionary and says things that aren't the fashion.  

Some Canadians I like:  David Warren, Mordecai Richler, Preston Manning, Marc Steyn, and Conrad Black.  I will get into more details about why in a future Canada Ain't Cool.

Siku catalogue

I have bought toys, made by the German toy maker Siku, for Tony's birthday.  

I was able get a Siku catalogue at a downtown department store and give it to Tony.  Tony loves browsing through toy catalogues.  Looking through the Siku catalouge, he showed me some toys he wanted.  He'll be getting them for his birthday.

I also went to the Siku website and ordered their catalogue.  I had forgotten I had done this and so it was a mystery what an envelope from Germany, addressed to Tony care of my school's address, contained.  When I saw it was the 2012 Siku catalogue, I was pleasantly surprised.

Roller skating video

On Saturday, Tony donned skates for the first time, and there is video of it.  With a nervous posture, I accompanied Tony as he tried to keep his balance and move at the same time.  He was trying to walk with the skates instead of glide.  He fell a bunch of times but didn't seem the worse for wear.  

The video will be on Youtube anon.

Ideas for a one-student desert island class

Ask the student what ten books he would take to the island with him.

Ask the student what forty five luxuries he would take with him to a desert island.

Ask the student what twenty songs he would take with him to a desert island.

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